Here are a few internet resources covering a broad array of HR and employment issues. We hope you find these resources as helpful as we have.

If you know of any additional web sites that we should add to this list, just click here and share the website and any other information with us.

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Brief Description

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data and statistics on workforce composition from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics which can be used for human resources planning

Department of Labor

The US Department of Labor home page containing links to DOL agencies, e-laws, statistics, wages, and so forth

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The US EEOC home page providing resources on federal discrimination laws, related to race, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, and religion, and handling retaliation charges based on an employee's or former employee's participation in some type of protected conduct.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration home page with details on regulations, interpretations, forms, posters, etc.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration home page with search capability to address issues related to social security including W-2 reporting, SSN verification, SS benefits for retirement, Medicare and disability

State Departments of Labor

The Department of Labor local and regional home page for employers providing links to forms and publications, employment laws and rules, required posters, unemployment insurance and more

Employment Law Information Network

Free legal resource web site that contains information on federal and state laws including news, articles, forms, policies, discussion forums and a directory of employment lawyers

An HR web portal; free registration allows limited access to its article database

HR Hero

Employment law resource with quick answers to employment law and management questions as well as news, laws, advice, and tools

HR Morning

Information website of news and views on a broad array of HR topics, updated daily

Legal Workplace

Compliance resource center including publications and reports on various legislative issues

Recruiter Resources

List of job posting boards and resume banks plus other resources to help with recruiting needs

Safety Training Network

The Safety Training Network is an online store with a huge selection of safety training videos and DVDs on topics such as Workplace Safety and OSHA Regulations

Compensation information including the ability to request the average salary for a title in a specific location

SMB Human Resources

News, links, and strategies related to employee benefits for small and mid-size companies

Society for Human Resources Management

The National Society for Human Resources Management providing news, resources, tools, chat rooms for human resources professionals worldwide

Workforce Management Online

Resource for current events, tips, tools, and cartoons related to human resources and business

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